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Opera and Theaters


You’ll find a pretty comprehensive listing here:


Teatr Wielki (The Great Theater) is the main Operahouse (superscripts of foreign operas are in Polish).


Teatr Muzyczny (Music Theater) has musicale performances (unfortunately, only in Polish).


There are many more theaters and music venues; a few are listed below:


State Philharmonic (Panstwowa Filharmonia)
ul. sw. Marcin 81, tel. 061 852 47 08, tel/fax. 061 852 34 51,

ticket office: 061 853 69 35

Henryk Wieniawski Music Society

ul. Swietoslawska 7, tel. 061 852 26 42, 061 852 89 92, tel/fax: 061 852 89 91

Paderewski Music Academy (Akademia Muzyczna im. Paderewskiego)
ul. sw. Marcin 87, tel. 061 852 51 32, fax: 061 852 21 50

"Amadeus" Chamber Orchestra (Orkiestra Kameralna "Amadeus")
al. Marcinkowskiego 3, tel. 061 851 66 86


Movie Theaters

There are many theatres around the city, a few really large ones, or ones that are much smaller and generally cater to older movies or independent productions. If you would like to check what they are playing, you can take a walk to the Rialto, which is a small movie theater near McDonald's on Dabrowskiego. Near the entrance is a bulletin board with a listing of all the small theaters in Poznan and what they are playing.

You can also check online at

However, this listing may not include all the small theaters.