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First of all, let us stress that pharmacies are completely separate stores from any other store, including ‘drugstores’. Also, each pharmacy is its own ‘company’, so you will often find price discrepancies between them. Make sure to check expiry dates on medication you buy – if it’s much cheaper than elsewhere you looked, it may be expiring soon.

The following is a short list of places to shop. There are other mega-stores you can visit, as well as boutiques all along Polwiejska street in the Old Market (Stary Rynek).




Popular supermarket that has a nice selection but not as large as the aforementioned supermarkets, but has the convenience of being scattered all around the city. Unfortunately, more pricey than Geant.

How to get there....

The closest one is behind Eskulap.


KING CROSS MARCELIN (Geant grocery store)


Many great stores (sports, electronics and other) worth visiting for weekend shopping.

How to get there

Take bus 77, 78 or 59 from Bukowska Street towards Lawica Airport


M1 and IKEA


Probably the biggest mall in Poznań, which is conveniently right next to Ikea- a home furnishing store. Ikea is a little expensive, however when it comes to bedding and kitchenware, has also the greatest selection. In the mall one can find clothing, shoe and accessory stores.

How to get there....

First way is by cashing in FOUR bus tickets (yes four, refer to transportations discussion on tickets for an explanation) and taking bus A all the way to the mall (last stop). The free way is to go to the free transport shuttle that takes off from the corner of Fredry between the fountain and the Castle (go down Fredry and take a right when you get to the fountain). On that street you will see a bus stop.




This entire street is mostly known for its shopping opportunities. Walking past the castle, a variety of clothing, shoe, and accessory stores line the street. A little further down one can find a video rental store and Rossman's, a large drugstore with a nice selection of American imports.

How to get there.....

Take bus A (cash TWO bus tickets) from ul. Bukowska and then get off on Św. Marcin. take bus 63 or 69 and get off at Baltyk, going into the underground passage and coming out on the entrance to Św. Marcin. Tram 13 from ul. Grunwaldzka.




For a closer music haven, there is Empik, which is located on Fredry near the Freedom Square, opposite to Coffee Time (Polish equivalent of Starbucks). The store has a decent selection of imported American music, mostly pop and rock with small sections devoted to metal, jazz, classical and soundtracks. On the upper level, there is a small aisle dedicated to books in English, cards for every occasion and a press section that does carry English magazines and newspapers. Just watch out for the crowds near the magazines, you need to push your way through a lot of the times.

How to get there....

The easiest is to take Tram 1 from Dabrowskiego and ride it all the way down to Fredry. Another way is to take Bus 63,69 or 78 to Most Teatralny and simply walk down the street.




One of the biggest and nicest malls in Poznań. You can find anything in there. On the top floor there is a sports store and an electronics store. In the basement there is Piotr & Pawel that has any type of food you desire.

How to get there

Take tram 6 from ul. Grunwaldzka and get of by the Multikino




The newest shopping-entertainment center in Poznan. Many great stores combined with newly built Imax theater as well as Cineplex movies.

How to get there

Take trams 12, 14 or 15 from Rondo Kaponiera toward Os. Sobieskiego




Some nice stores including a few bookstores, and a medical supply shop where you will be able to purchase scalpels for the anatomy lab.


RYNEK JERZYCKI(located on Dabrowskiego, a block east of the Dean's office)


Large open market that has a huge variety of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies at unbelievably low prices. It's open all year-round and is the best place by far to obtain fresh produce. You can find all sorts of small shops in the area.


Prosiaczek: they have a great meat selection

N.B. You should be aware that stores in Poland have very inconvenient hours of operation. On weekdays, many shops will be open until either 5 or 7 p.m. The big supermarkets and malls (Tesco, IKEA, M1, Piotr i Pawel, etc.) tend to be open until 9 p.m. On Saturdays, paradoxically, most stores and the fruit and vegetable market (Rynek Jerzycki) close at 2 p.m. Almost everything but the big malls and supermarkets are CLOSED on SUNDAY!



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