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Club: Lech Poznań


Adress: ul. Bulgarska 5/7

Tickets: 20 zl. +/-, buy at stadium or in sports stores.



There are more, these just happen to be the more popular ones this year:


PUMS sports center ( FREE!!!)

Address: ul. Rokietnicka 5 D,

Tel./fax: 061 8614208; tel. 061 869 44 48

Open: Monday – Sunday 9am-18:00 +

Activities: Aerobics, basketball, weight room, tennis (You must purchase a 3zl stamp for each hour you want to rent out the courts. The tickets can be bought between 8:00 and 13:00 M-F in the main office. You must have your own tennis balls and racquets)


Nautilus 1350zl-3500zl/year (pool is 6zl for 1h)

Address: ul. Chwialkowskiego 34

tel: 061 833-95-81

Hours: M-F 6:00-22:00. Sat & Sun: 10:00-19:30.

Activities: Weight room, aerobics and swimming pool


Olymp ~150zl/month

Adress: ul. Smoluchowskiego 15

tel: 661 76 31 - 33

- Very popular among our students; weight room, treadmills and many more.