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Generally, Public Transportation in Poland is well organized, quite fast, punctual and fairly inexpensive. It includes trains, buses for travel within the city, and trains and buses for traveling longer distances around Poland and neighboring countries.







Bus and tram stops are easy to recognize: they are mostly green shelters with the MPK logo. They are scattered around the town. The closest ones from the dorms are: for thebus: on Bukowska street just to the left from Polna, for the tram: on the corner of Przybyszewskiego and Grunwaldzka streets (past Eskulap).



All the stops have a detailed description of the tram/bus line route (but no diagram), as well as the time of arrival at the stop and estimated time of the journey to the chosen destination. You can obtain the copy of the time schedule of the specific bus/tram line from the boot located at the train station. Trams stop running about 11pm nightly!!!




There are many possibilities of paying fares. You can choose between a time ticket and a bus-stop ticket. The price depends on the ride time or the number of stops. The best option is to use time tickets, unless you decide to ride during rush hours (you may pay for being stuck in the traffic jams).



You can also buy tickets for 24hrs, a week and so on, or choose to buy a monthly pass as well (there are passes covering the entire transportation net). Tickets are sold in kiosks (usually located right next to the stops), some shops, and MPK outlets. In general all these places are marked by stickers with the MPK logo at the front door, windows, or walls.


You should punch the ticket immediately after the vehicle begins to move, however the unspoken rule is that you punch it sometime after the bus/tram begins to move but before it reaches the next stop.


There is a special discount for students on all the tickets. Make sure that when you buy them you ask for the ticket for students, and don’t forget that you have to have the student ID with you! You can only use the tickets marked with a ‘U’ if you have your ID (versus the ones marked ‘N’).



Frequently, you will see the controllers either traveling inconspicuously along the way, or entering the bus. They check the tickets,\ and IDs qualifying you for discounts. The fee is high and usually there are no exceptions for paying them as soon as any irregularities are found. Simply, unless you like to be embarrassed, it is not worth it to save the money on tickets and become a subject of financial loss and legal harassments.




Poznan has a wide selection of taxicab companies. You can call a cab on the phone or send an SMS. They are much less expensive from those standing on the posts and much safer.


The most popular among the students are “96-22” and “96-23” (the porter will call the latter for free for you). The drivers are friendly, arrive shortly after the call and offer acceptable prices without trying to cheat you. If you call a cab, please try to wait for it to arrive or call to cancel it, rather than jumping in another cab and making the driver wait around for you uselessly. The company may choose not to dispatch a cab for you next time you call.





Using trains is the most convenient means of long distance transportation in Poland. They are inexpensive, reliable and reach many destinations including towns and small villages.


There are four types of trains available.


Express- reaches only large cities and often makes only 2-3 stops before reaching their final destination. They are the most expensive, but also the safest, and the definite advantage is a duration time spent on the train.



Intercity-the same as express, the only difference is that they require a prior reservation.



Fast train (pośpieszny) - stops in bigger towns. It is probably the best option, since they are much cheaper, don’t require reservation, and reach the destinations in reasonable time; however, they may be crowded, especially around the holidays, and you may end up standing for the duration of your trip.



Local (osobowy) - stops at every station. They are good for traveling short distances, since it may be innervating to be stuck on the train for hours before arriving to your destination.



Poznań has a few train stations, the biggest one called “Poznań GłÓwny”, and located three bus stops away from the dorm.



You should purchase the ticket in the cashier window, specifying the time of the departure, the place you want to go, and the student status qualifying you for a discount (again you can claim the discount if you are not older than 26; otherwise purchase a regular ticket). If you won’t have the time to buy a ticket at the cashier, you should inform the conductor right at the beginning of the ride about it and he will write you one, however the price will be slightly higher.



On more practical note: when you buy a ticket, the best option is to travel in second class. Even though first class is a little more comfortable, there is a disadvantage of being by yourself in the compartment, making you a good target for thieves.


In general, pick a compartment occupied by a few people; just use a common sense when deciding if the party is acceptable to share the journey with you.

Traveling by train


PKP “dworzec centralny” in Poznań

Ul. Dworcowa 1


Information and schedule of local trains tel. 94-36

Information about international trains tel. 061- 863-35-21

You can also visit their web site at Another good site is


Remember that students are entitled to 30% discount but you must have your student ID card “legitymajca” with you while traveling.



They are comfortable way of traveling short distances. They are much cheaper than trains but are slower. The most popular bus operator is PKS (the station is located four stops from the dorm). The net of bus lines is well developed and they can take you whenever you desire to go. Tickets can be purchased at the bus station in advance or from the driver when boarding the bus, however seats are not always available.


Traveling by bus


PKS Poznań

Ul. Towarowa 17/19

Information tel. 061-833-12-12

You can find out the schedule at


There is a 35% discount for students but not on every connection, so when purchasing a ticket just ask them about it. On most lines, you have to be under 26 to get the discount.


Tramways and city busses


The public transportation in Poznań is operated by Miejskie Przedsiebiorstwo Komunikacyjne (MPK). To know more - about exact connections and prices - please visit their site at

Useful bus lines:



The A bus will take you all the way across the river to the M1 shopping center, on it’s way back you would have to get off on the stop “Polna/Szpitalna” which is about 5min from the dorms. That bus also goes to Piotr and Pawel, since the A bus is an express a single ticket costs 1,40zl. for 10 min.


Useful trams:


The most useful trams lines are #6 (goes to PKP, PKS, Multi-kino) #13 (goes to Kupiec Poznański which is very close to the Old Square) and the #15. Those were the trams we used last year, during this summer the city is repairing many tram rails and the trams have different circuits so before you jump into a tram make sure that it actually goes where u want to go.