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In order to pass the fourth year and receive the diploma the students of the 4-year M.D. Program must do 16 weeks of elective rotations. The electives can be done in a clinical area chosen by a student according to their interest. The electives can be done at our University or in any other hospital (affiliated with a University) chosen by a student. The electives cannot be done at private clinics.





It is the responsibility of a student to apply to a chosen University for the electives rotations. A student must apply through the Dean’s Office in order to receive credit for the electives. A student fills out appropriate application documents (required by particular Universities) and attaches to the application ELECTIVE EVALUATION FORM which must be completed by elective rotation coordinator at the end of elective rotation. The University seal must appear on this form. The forms without a University seal WILL NOT be recognized by PUMS. Fully and properly filled out original elective evaluation form (with SEAL) must be sent to the Dean’s Office straight from the place where the electives were done in order to be credited for a student and to receive medical diploma.


A student is entitled to up to 3000 USD refund for 16 weeks of electives done outside PUMS (the refund for 1 week of electives done outside the University is 187,5 USD).


It is the responsibility of a student to be familiar with particular country/state requirements (where he/she is planning to do residency) regarding maximum number of weeks (of electives) which can be done outside the University.



If a student decides to do electives at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, he/she is obliged to settle these electives on his/her own. A student should contact the assistant in a chosen Department of the University and arrange the electives directly with him/her (dates, number of weeks and scope of instruction). Afterwards, a student must write an official letter to the Dean to receive approval. The letter should specify the following: name of assistant, name of department, dates of instruction, number of weeks and scope of instruction. After Dean’s approval, a student may start electives. In order to have the electives credited, Dean’s Office must receive from elective coordinator fully and properly filled out original elective evaluation form.


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